Elizabeth J Brunoski

Therapist in New York


School: Adelphi University

Year Graduated: 1983

License: New York / 007726-1

Who I Serve

I am an actively engaged psychotherapist who stresses an empathic approach – working together to understand each person’s unique interests, goals, and life narrative. I have over thirty years’ experience with adults, adolescents, older adults (Medicare accepted), and children. I also consult with parents, on their specific parenting concerns. I do short-term psychotherapy (including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT), as well as long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy. I work with people on concerns regarding relationships, career decisions, learning issues, and parenting issues. I also assist in reducing anxiety and depression. I do neuropsychological testing of children, adolescents, and adults, with a focus on learning differences and disabilities, including ADHD. I am a doctoral-level clinical psychologist with advanced post-doctoral training, which I apply in understanding and helping resolve all learning disability issues, relational difficulties, and issues in career building Over the past thirty-plus years I have taught and supervised at various doctoral psychology programs and at hospitals, and I have been Director of two Learning Disabilities Units. In addition to my practice in psychotherapy and neuropsychology, I do individual and group supervision.

Therapy Techniques
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New York, NY 10023

New York, NY 10023