Dr. Michael Garbe

Therapist in New York


School: Rutgers University Doctor of Social Work

Year Graduated: 2020

License: New York / 085249

Who I Serve

Truth and Freedom. To be truly free is one of our greatest desires. To be our authentic selves. To express who we truly are. To be in relationships we truly want to be in. To feel inspired and excited about life, and what we are doing, and where we are going. These are all possibilities when we do the work. Until we are free, we may feel many levels of mental and physical discomfort, as we continue to put up with and stay trapped in the lives that are not making us happy. There is freedom from our pain. Our pain is actually pushing us towards this freedom. Sometimes we just need a little help and guidance along the way. I am a doctor and licensed clinical social worker. I am psychodynamically oriented, and trauma-informed and trained. I specialize in exploring past attachments, to assist in identifying maladative patterns that may be keeping you stuck. I work in a variety of ways, according to your needs, from utilizing traditional therapy to spiritual mind-body techniques. I understan

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62-68 Ellwell Crescent Flushing, NY 11374

62-68 Ellwell Crescent Flushing, NY 11374