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ANXIETY and DEPRESSION are absolutely treatable. I know this from personal experience! Emotional ups & downs definitely make coping difficult, & keeping up a brave face next to impossible. I have advanced training in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.) These approaches target distorted thinking & unproductive behavior. You CAN overcome anxiety & depression, experience healing & clarity of thinking. Whether filled with anxious thoughts, paralyzed by trauma, or the loss of something or someone precious - there is absolutely life after heartache, pain, and disappointment. I bring evidence-based skills & approaches to ensure RESULTS. I know these treatments work! You are definitely capable of successfully living out your dreams & your purpose . Life is too short to postpone. A fresh perspective, with new results is possible, and the benefits can begin on the first day! Please call me today, and try one session. Don’t put off taking care of yoursel

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Ava Kate Oleson Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Ava Kate Oleson Costa Mesa, CA 92626