Dr. Alex Harne

Psychologist in Pennsylvania

Who I Serve

I am trained in multiple forms of psychotherapy. My goal is to get you to a place of optimal mental wellness, one that feels more functional and sustainable. My hope is that you will not only begin to feel healthier after our first few sessions, but that you will start to experience life in a better and more satisfying way. Investing in one's wellbeing is life changing. If you are looking for a therapist, you recognize there is a degree of stress and suffering in life and you want to work on pulling yourself out of it. It's commendable. Whether you work with me or someone else, do not give up. It is possible to experience life in a fuller and more complete way. Call and leave your name, number, and the best time to reach you. I'll call you back and provide a free consultation by phone to answer your questions, hear what brings you to my practice, and setup a time for our initial session.

Contact Information

816 W Springfield Rd Springfield, PA 19064

816 W Springfield Rd Springfield, PA 19064