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Therapist in Therapists in South Carolina


School: University of Georgia

Year Graduated: 2012

License: South Carolina / 9444

Who I Serve

You feel like you are failing at living up to the person you are supposed to be. You are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and misunderstood. Worst of all, you doubt yourself. You keep grasping in different directions, trying to make meaning and find some happiness but it's just not happening for you. Maybe intense emotions keep getting the in the way. Maybe your career or relationship or family isn't turning out the way your had planned in your head. Maybe nothing "feels" right. Imagine feeling at peace with yourself. You are in control of your emotions. You have the skills to communicate what you want and need from your relationships. You are feeling more confident about your choices and enjoying life. You can even give yourself permission to love yourself as the amazing earthly being that you are! Through our own challenges, lived experiences and training, we have developed a deep awareness of our mind, body, heart and soul energies. We invite you to collaborate with our counselors in your own self discovery. We can help you find the courage to explore your deepest knowing in a way that allows you to find true joy. Visit our website to get started!

Contact information

2315 North Main Street Suite 209 Anderson, SC 29621 Call Ruth Harbin

2315 North Main Street Suite 209 Anderson, SC 29621 Call Ruth Harbin