Dianne Chilingerian

Therapist in Massachusetts

Who I Serve

Whether you are searching for couples' or individual counseling, I can help you get started. Maybe you've reached a stumbling block in your relationship. Communication is often at the center. I am practiced in spotting differences in learning and communication styles, family culture, belief systems, and more, and helping you to develop skills to move forward. Perhaps depression or anxiety is what limits you in your life or your relationship. You're feeling lonely, sad, unmotivated, or you struggle with worry and fear, both of which are compromising your sleep, impacting your work or social life, leaving you feeling exhausted. I have 10 years' experience and advanced degrees in both psychology and social work. I can assist you to be more mindful of ineffective patterns, and to develop positive communication skills, coping strategies, and the confidence to move forward. Past experience as a certified teacher, coach, and writer/editor provide an added benefit. My style is warm, collaborat

Contact Information

Newton, MA 02458

Newton, MA 02458