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The clients that have the most success in their work with me are ones who are struggling to improve the quality of their relationships. They may be dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, or just a need to understand themselves better. They are people who have difficulty understanding how their past relationships are reflected in their current relationships. Their goals are to lessen their own personal struggles to become better parents, family members, and partners. Clients who have survived trauma who are eager to work through their trauma to heal, learn coping skills, and become an improved version of themselves. I have worked with different types of people from different cultures and experiences. I work from a completely nonjudgmental framework. I have experience working with anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues. I have taught coping skills to people with anger issues. I work from a framework of how our past affects our present and future. We all have a story and a

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5001 Birch St. Newport Beach, CA 92660

5001 Birch St. Newport Beach, CA 92660