David S. Rosenfeld

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I understand the struggles we all face. In my experience of over 30 years working in the mental health and human service fields with children, adults, couples, families and groups, I’ve developed great insight and understanding into what helps us heal. It is the relationship between the client and therapist that is of utmost importance. Most of us, grew up with unmet needs as children and/or have experienced loss and trauma and now struggle with expressing our emotions, trusting others, lack of confidence or motivation, poor self-esteem, relationship difficulty, issues w/ anger, self-doubt, poor decision making, saddness and worry. I believe that within the client-therapist relationship, if we can feel safe, develop trust, feel heard, understood and respected, we have the foundations of what it takes to face our pain. In working together with me, you will find your inner strength and courage to overcome your fears, heal your pain and become the person you were intended to be. The idea of change can be freightening and taking the first step in seeking help is often the hardest part. Know that it is a sign of strength not weakness to acknowledge that we can’t do it alone. I look forward to having the privilege of personally speaking with you, to discuss how I can be of help!

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305 Main Street Goshen, NY 10924

305 Main Street Goshen, NY 10924