David Heitzler

Therapist in California

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What many of us need is a safe and engaging space to look at ourselves, our lives, and where we want to be. I believe healing and growth takes place not only when we remove symptoms, but when we have a balance of truth, love, and relationship at the core of our lives. If life isn't going as you've planned or desired, I would consider it a privilege to walk with you and guide as we discover ways to move forward. I have spent over a decade of education and personal work in asking myself these questions, and I look forward to supporting your journey as well. In this support, you'll find that I am passionate about healthy relationships, families, and self-concepts. The world needs more of each, and more compassion when they don't happen. Empathy and clinical resources such as EMDR and CSAT models provide an exceptionally insightful and exciting opportunity for growth to take place in new and productive ways. If this journey sounds like something you're interested in, I very much look forwa

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2270 Douglas Blvd. #112 Roseville, CA 95661

2270 Douglas Blvd. #112 Roseville, CA 95661