Danni Williams

Therapist in Texas

Who I Serve

I am passionate about working with teens as they explore and become the adults they want to be, assisting them in setting good boundaries and finding ways to safely express themselves while being and growing into productive members of society. I enjoy working with teens and their families regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, family composition, religious backgrounds and beliefs, or schooling choices. I believe in solution-focused therapies that bring families together in healthy ways, integrating the needs of both parents and teens. LGBTQ teens can have problems related to sexuality but they are more than their sexual identity. I offer solution-focused therapies based on the individual and their needs, not a blanket formula. I offer a safe space and a safe adult to talk to with the education and experience to assist them in making good choices, owning those choices, and communication. Finding a therapist that is a good fit for you and your teen is essential and can be hard work. I am happy to meet with you to see if we will work well together. I offer sliding scale fees to help make this connection possible.

Contact information

2824 Gulf Breeze Court Plano, TX 75074

2824 Gulf Breeze Court Plano, TX 75074