D’Angelo Taylor

D'Angelo Taylor

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Soundtrack to Life LLC Alexandria, VA 22304

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Overcoming mental and emotional challenges can be difficult, but even more when you feel like you are dealing with them alone. It's not always easy finding someone who's willing to listen and understands from a culturally responsive lens, especially when discussing personal challenges that have been discouraged outside of the home. Stress can come from many different avenues of life (career, family, relationships, society, and culture, etc) and can bring about depressions, anxiety, anger, isolation, and low-self esteem. It's not easy learning healthy ways to cope, managing your symptoms, and even recognizing that there's a problem. I specialize in helping clients gain more self-confidence, a stronger sense of identity, and the ability to build healthy interpersonal relationships and to trust his or her own decisions. You are not alone in this journey to figuring out how to regain control back over your life. I provide a non-judgemental atmosphere that allows trust and confidence to be

Soundtrack to Life LLC Alexandria, VA 22304