Dallas Carey

Psychologist in Florida

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I work with clients holistically, meaning that when someone comes to me with a psychological problem, I help create change by formulating interventions targeted at important life domains (e.g., nutrition, sleep, social relationships, stress, thinking style, & daily structure.) For example, I am interested in how you think and feel about yourself and others, how your family relationships influence these thoughts, and how other daily health behaviors facilitate your well-being. I use this integrated approach to help build insight, foster understanding, and develop helpful behaviors that move you in the direction of Wellness. I specialize in working with clients with a variety of problems that range from debilitating anxiety, and depression, to problems in coping with life changes and transitions, and relationship issues. By utilizing a whole-person approach, and incorporating your life values, I help individuals create the change they seek to make in their lives. I believe that good psyc

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3947 Clark Road Sarasota, FL 34233

3947 Clark Road Sarasota, FL 34233