Crysta Nilsson

Therapist in Therapists in Tennessee


School: University of North Alabama

Year Graduated: 2011

License: Tennessee / 3205

Who I Serve

Does it feels like life is stressing you out? Does it feel like there is this tension, but you don't know what it is? Is everyone around you telling you to relax and unwind? If only it were that easy to relax, but it takes effort to drop the weight of the stressors and triggers that bother you daily. Those things that range from small to large that cause daily anxiety and reminders of trauma. During our time together, we will work on creating and implementing a plan for you to feel better and improve your abilities to manage the conflict, stress, and trauma in your life. We will work on creating the experience you want out of therapy as my technique is very collaborative. Therapy does not have to be an experience that you are forced along. Each person's life experience is unique, as is their stressors, triggers, and traumas. We will work at your pace to get through the therapeutic process. If you agree, please call or contact at at

Contact information

560 Colonial Road Memphis, TN 38117

560 Colonial Road Memphis, TN 38117