Craig Salerno

Therapist in Colorado


School: Naropa University

Year Graduated: 2013

License: Colorado / 12904

Who I Serve

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I change." (Carl Rogers) I am interested in blending the evidenced-based practices of Western psychotherapy with the wisdom and compassion of Eastern psychology. No matter the issue at hand, therapy first aims at bringing more openness, clarity, and non-judgemental exploration to the parts of ourselves that bring fear and trepidation. When we shine light into our shadow, we often find deeper meaning and understanding of ourselves and the world around us. From this space of fearlessness, we can begin to do the work to heal and make profound change in our life. I work to address core wounds and instilled beliefs that hold us back from being our most authentic selves. We are often stuck in patterns of thoughts and behaviors that create pain and suffering. By deepening into the therapeutic process, we will work to liberate from experiences of fear and avoidance, and move towards personal and relational health. Healing is always possible and therapy does help. While the process may seem scary, it's also filled with insight, humor, and genuine connection along the way. Take the first step today in creating your new path.

Contact information

6666 Gunpark Drive Suite 200 Boulder, CO 80301

6666 Gunpark Drive Suite 200 Boulder, CO 80301