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**Currently Offering Online Therapy, Outdoor Therapy, and Phone Based Therapy** Anxiety and Stress can be a normal part of life – until they're not. I work with caring people (parents, caregivers, and people who just plain care) to help lessen their anxiety so that they can continue with their important work. My goal is to find the best way to help those who help others. If you’re a caring person whose life could benefit from a reduction in anxiety, let’s talk. In addition to caring people with anxiety, I also specialize in counseling people in unique romantic or family structures - step-families, blended families, 'chosen' families, ethical non-monogamy, LGBTA+, and kink relationships. I work to be affirming and knowledgeable about those subjects, and work to stay up-to-date with issues in these communities. The expert on you is YOU, and I honor that.

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Seattle, WA 98117 Call Ms. Ellen Hodge

Seattle, WA 98117 Call Ms. Ellen Hodge