Christopher Nolan

Therapist in Missouri


School: Webster University

Year Graduated: 2013

License: Missouri / 2015013826

Who I Serve

Imagine having problems and knowing you need help but don't know what to do. I want to help you find the answers to those problems. Imagine finding those answers and being able to trust yourself enough to utilize those tools to improve your life. The greatest clients are the ones who know they have issues and work hard to become the expert of their own lives and conquer their hurt, stress, and pain. I offer services to cope with problems such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, family issues, marital problems, parent/child relational problems. I offer services in a warm office setting for face to face interaction. I am interested in all of my clients finding perspective in their problems and working to decrease issues that cause problems. As your therapist, I provide an encouraging and uplifting atmosphere for you to be able to not only write your own story, but to allow you to put the precise wording on the pages. I am confident with guidance and deeper understanding, you can wri

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5736 N. Broadway Kansas City, MO 64118

5736 N. Broadway Kansas City, MO 64118