Christina Rigano

Therapist in New Jersey


School: Kean University

Year Graduated: 2014

License: New Jersey / 37FI00187000

Who I Serve

In the Chatham area of New Jersey, I strive to create a space of support and safety for my clients. I have a particular passion and expertise working with individuals and families struggling to enjoy their relationships with one another. Easing the tension between adolescents and young adults and their parents is another strength of mine. As we transition through life stages, establishing boundaries and privacy can be a confusing time. Having outside, non-biased support can help smooth that transition tremendously. I also have a strong foundation working with clients experiencing a wide range of issues varying from anxiety and self-esteem to divorce and domestic violence. I prefer to utilize a systemic therapy approach by focusing not only on an individual but, their relationships with others as well. I know that trying to find the right therapist and beginning this process can seem overwhelming. My goal is to make this experience as rewarding and helpful as possible. Please feel free

Contact Information

268 Green Village Road Green Village, NJ 07935

268 Green Village Road Green Village, NJ 07935