Chris Kohlmann Counseling

Therapist in Ohio


School: Villanova University

Year Graduated: 1996

License: Ohio / E.1901247

Who I Serve

I AM CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS. TELEHEALTH AVAILABLE ON MULTIPLE PLATFORMS. Home visits are possible for those who don't want to risk exposure to Covid-19 at no extra charge. No charge 15-minute initial consultation. Fees by sliding scale. After more than 20 years working in the field I have learned that everyone responds differently to psychotherapy. There is no one treatment that suits all. I am always respectful, professional and guided in my practice by a preference for evidence-based approaches. I adhere to all ethical guidelines of the profession and all Ohio laws. As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor I am entitled by the States of Ohio and NJ to diagnosis everything from anxiety and depression to an adult whose character seems to be holding them back. My work over the years as a generalist has brought me into contact with clients of every age from diverse ethnic backgrounds covering many different issues. I offer you my respect, no judgments, my fervent desire to

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Hilliard, OH 43026 Call Mr. Chris Kohlmann

Hilliard, OH 43026 Call Mr. Chris Kohlmann