Chiajou Lu

Therapist in Massachusetts

Who I Serve

Welcome! My clinic prioritizes medical professionals, people of color and couples. Working with diverse population for many years widen my appreciation towards everyone I encounter in the therapy room. Learning from years’ valuable experience, I do not take a blueprint or “one-size-fits-all” approach for clients. Every client has an individualized curriculum. You may be feeling distressed, facing difficulties in your personal or professional relationships, contemplating a major life transition, or navigating a health crisis. No matter what challenge brings, I will help you in resolving conflicts and strengthening your relationships. I will explore your options in a collaborative way while taking into consideration the hopes, expectations, values, and preferences that are significant to you. Using clinical sophistication and expertise I incorporate humility, kindness, and passion to create a caring environment. My life experience encompasses living in the Eastern hemisphere and We

Contact Information

185 Devonshire St, Suite 500 Boston, MA 02110

185 Devonshire St, Suite 500 Boston, MA 02110