Chia-May C Dougherty

Counselor in Maryland


School: PhD, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Sofia University USA)

Year Graduated: 2014

License: Maryland / LC1548

Who I Serve

We, as human beings, have our habitual way to think, feel, and behave which may not always help us cope well. We may feel stuck in the past, fearful for the unknown future, and not being able to be present in the moment. We are not able to change the past and we cannot live in the future because future is delusional and non-existent. The present is the only time that we can do something to make a change and feel better. We do not need to deal with a struggle once we stop fighting against it and begin to practice acceptance and let go of the attachment to our habitual pattern so as to respond with a mindful and non-judgmental mind. My approach is warm and gentle yet professional and direct. I help you explore options collaboratively and choose most helpful options to respond to a specific situation. I help you cultivate a mindful self-awareness, practice gratitude and self-compassion, and fully embrace your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being in this journey of self-discovery. I

Contact Information

6325 Executive Boulevard Rockville, MD 20852

6325 Executive Boulevard Rockville, MD 20852