Charis Stiles

Therapist in California


School: UC Berkeley

Year Graduated: 2010

License: California / LCSW85970

Who I Serve

**Now accepting new clients VIRTUALLY throughout CA** Many of my clients struggle with feelings of shame, insecurity and anxiety. They often have difficulties setting boundaries and fear “not being good enough”. Sometimes this shows up as dissatisfaction with their bodies; some are chronic dieters that struggle with the tension and anxiety of restriction or the shame and “out of control” feeling of bingeing. Other times, clients struggle with trying to be perfect and have harsh inner critics, no matter their amount of external successes. There can be a strong desire to “fix” themselves while also longing to feel more free. Using self-compassion, traditional CBT, and somatic practices, I help clients reconnect with themselves and re-parent themselves. I help clients learn to replace shaming, critical cognitive patterns with messages of validation and comfort. I coach folks on recovering from eating disorders, managing anxiety, setting boundaries, and developing self-worth. I

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Evergreen Counseling 2140 Shattuck Avenue #804 Berkeley, CA 94704

Evergreen Counseling 2140 Shattuck Avenue #804 Berkeley, CA 94704