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It is possible for all people to affect change in their lives, to feel more contentment and empowerment, no matter your age or how long you have been struggling. Congratulations for having the courage to reach out. We all need support in navigating life and asking for help is the first step in that direction. The folks that are seeking my services are looking for guidance in communicating with family members, decision making, coping with depression and anxiety, challenging patterns due to trauma and support in making changes in any area of life. For 30 years I have supported others in finding their way through historic trauma, present day challenges involving loss, self esteem, mid or later life concerns, relationships difficulties, and communication issues with partners, parents or children. I have a background in adolescent and trauma focused psychotherapy, and mindfulness for stress reduction. The most important thing for you to know is that you are not alone. All humans struggle, A

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Pittsfield, MA 01201

Pittsfield, MA 01201