Carmen Regina Martines

Therapist in California

Who I Serve

In these uncertain times I am committed to provide warm, strong, calming help. My practice includes telehealth therapy. I am available by video or telephone to support you. My potential client is looking for support around issues of family neglect in childhood, alcohol or drug abuse, anxiety, depression, communication, and boundary setting in relationships--whether family, romantic, friendships or at work. My potential client may be struggling with accessing or enjoying their creativity and expressions of it. My potential client may also be looking for support around discovering spirituality or a fuller expression of living. I have a deep commitment to supporting clients through life transitions, inter-personal conflict, drug or alcohol abuse, finding out what they need, how they are resourced and helping to discover their inner strengths. I have extensive experience supporting individuals in 12 step recovery as well as other abstinence programs. Do you have trouble setting boundaries?

Contact Information

San Francisco, CA 94110

San Francisco, CA 94110