Carly Washor

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Carly Washor is an essential member of the therapy team at Fresh Start Life Solutions, a coaching and therapy private practice located in South Florida. She believes that psychotherapy can be a place to discover barriers standing in one's way of change, in regard to who one wants to be, and how to create a more fulfilled life. Carly helps her clients find the courage and resiliency to implement change by creating individualized therapeutic journeys towards self-discovery, based on each client's past experiences and specific goals for therapy. Carly's engagement with her clients is based on integrity, respect, unconditional regard, & empathic presence, which she believes are key components to establishing a healthy therapist/client relationship. Her approach utilizes a Jungian framework, EMDR, somatic practices, breathwork, movement, & mindfulness to build a foundational path to promote change. If Carly sounds like she could be the right fit for you or someone you know, please call Fres

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Fresh Start Life Solutions, LLC Davie, FL 33328

Fresh Start Life Solutions, LLC Davie, FL 33328