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At different times in our lives we need different things. In a crisis, we may look for support and guidance. In times of relative calm, we might be curious about how to change a long-standing pattern of being. We may be looking for ways to manage anxiety or depression, improve relationships, find a direction, heal trauma or grieve a loss. Sometimes we know what we need, and many times we can’t quite figure out what's wrong. Generally, we come to therapy to feel better. Therapy can be a place to do that. Si busca ayuda en una crisis, un cambio en manera de ser, o alivio de problemas relacionales, ansiedad, o depression, lo/a invito. I have over fifteen years of training and experience in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and Third Wave (i.e. DBT) psychotherapies. I take an integrative and collaborative approach, choosing interventions depending on what is most helpful in each situation. Psychological (diagnostic, cognitive and personality) testing is available and can be very useful. Getting started can be difficult. Research identifies a few factors that are important to the success of therapy, regardless of approach. One is the hope you bring to treatment, another is the quality of the relationship between client and therapist. Don't be afraid to shop around. I offer a free phone consultation to help you make the right choice for you.

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19 West 34th Street Penthouse New York, NY 10001

19 West 34th Street Penthouse New York, NY 10001