Caren A Golian LPC, LLC

Therapist in Therapists in Oregon


School: UCLA and California State University, Northridge

Year Graduated: 1993

License: Oregon / C2726

Who I Serve

(*practice currently full) All people want to be at peace in a complex and confusing world. Life throws pain our way and we struggle to understand why we are experiencing it and how to adapt. We all grapple at some point with failures, break-ups, confusing relationships, conflicts, insecurities, fears, losses and an entire host of questions life presses us to answer. We can be confused about something that happened or where we’re headed. There is no text book to make these answers easy. The Earth School is the hardest classroom we will ever sit in and we’re bound to stumble into some situations feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. Whether you feel depressed, anxious, hurt, overwhelmed or angry, you want relief and guidance to sort through it and to feel at peace again fast. I am here to help you get unstuck and find your way through. I have the knowledge and wisdom born of three decades studying the human mind, emotions and spirit. I have developed a method that is fast and effective. I have five decades of life experience during which I too struggled to find my way through lots of difficult experiences, emotions and questions. I will approach you with the utmost compassion and respect, giving you the support and guidance to learn, adapt and heal as your mind was designed to. Just reach out and we can work together to transform your life!

Contact information

1390 Oak Street Suite 1 Eugene, OR 97401 Call Caren Golian

1390 Oak Street Suite 1 Eugene, OR 97401 Call Caren Golian