Bruce B Dannenberger

Therapist in Illinois

Who I Serve

Having worked as a therapist for 46 years I have a wealth of experience in a variety of different presenting problems. Devoting experience, training and a commitment to working collaboratively with clients have been my driving principles. Most of my clients describe me as being direct and unambiguous while being nonjudgmental. While working with a range of treatment modalities much of my expertise focuses on treating depression and anxiety and the associated problems these conditions can involve for not only the client but also family members. Treating alcohol and drug abuse are also specialities. Working in short term therapy has been my preferred therapeutic style and consequently I do not ordinarily meet with clients over extended periods of time, preferring to work intensely to restore client functioning in comparatively brief treatment.

Contact Information

747 East Etna Road Ottawa, IL 61350

747 East Etna Road Ottawa, IL 61350