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**Teletherapy Available** When people see you, they think you have a perfect life. You're focused, determined, and accomplished, but when you look on the inside, you feel lost and incapable of living up to your potential. You see the negative version of yourself, and no matter how hard you try to change, you just haven't been able to get over that hump. It's become exhausting, and you feel like giving up. Don't be last in your own life, while taking care of everyone else. You're tired of always having to be strong, when you feel like everything is against you. Instead of living life stressed out, it's time for a change. You want to finally relax and enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to create. You want to learn this whole "self-care" thing and finally learn how to put yourself first without feeling guilty or selfish. You're ready to quiet the inner critic so that you can feel more positive and create the change you want in your life. I can help you get there. With 24/7 online sche

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Bloomington, MN 55431

Bloomington, MN 55431