Bobby Smith

Counselor in Utah

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Connection is the antidote to everything. Having a felt sense of connection to others and to ourselves is often missing or underrated in our lives. As human beings, we need to feel seen, heard, and understood. Without these essential nutrients we are bound to seek fulfillment or satiation from things outside ourselves, that feel good in the moment but don’t actually meet our needs. I want to help my clients figure out what is getting in the way of having their needs met and how to approach their lives with authenticity and a broader sense of self. I work from a CBT, mindfulness, and values centered approach. Initially these methods help to highlight behavior patterns, install new coping skills, and connect to a sense of purpose. I use EMDR and Lifespan Integration as tools to help heal deeper wounds underlying aspects of life that aren't working for you. We can find the right combination for you. It takes great courage to bear our vulnerability and reach out for help. That you are lo

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1425 700 East Salt Lake City, UT 84105

1425 700 East Salt Lake City, UT 84105