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Therapy is for all of us, but what it means and how it works is unique to each of us. While we share much in common, we all carry experiences, beliefs, dreams, and fears that are ours alone. They give us our distinct perspectives. They shape our present and future, often in surprising ways. I tailor my therapeutic approach to suit what makes you uniquely you. I like to explore how our pasts shape our current experience. I focus on our relationships, as our attachments often are a driving force in how we go about our daily lives. My work is especially helpful for people experiencing anxiety, depression, self-doubt, lack of motivation, and trouble with intimacy. I am experienced in many evidence-based therapy modalities, including attachment theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic principles, mindfulness practices, and solution-focused therapy. My “therapeutic style” is best described as warm, direct, and collaborative. I like to explore how and why our pasts have shaped

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2702 Octavia Street San Francisco, CA 94123

2702 Octavia Street San Francisco, CA 94123