Benjamin Backes

Therapist in Therapists in Connecticut


School: Fordham University

Year Graduated: 2018

License: Connecticut / 10888

Who I Serve

When an individual is abusing substances, often times it manifests itself as chaos, unpredictability, and complete confusion. As a result, not only is the individual tormented, but the suffering extends to their family and loved ones. When this happens, confusion, anger, fear, and other uncomfortable emotions frequently arise in all parties involved, as a solution to this overwhelming problem seems unfathomable. To compound this issue, the substance abuse treatment industry can be incredibly difficult to navigate. Having worked in a wide variety of substance abuse treatment settings, I can help with this process. I currently work as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor at two CT high schools and am in private practice. I place a strong emphasis on building a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship, which is tailored uniquely to each individual’s needs, while simultaneously challenging them to exceed their comfort zone and foster newfound growth and opportunities. I hope to be able to help you and your loved ones get on your path of self-betterment. However, regardless of whether I provide services to you or not, I have built meaningful relationships with numerous treatment providers and I am confident that I can help you and those you care for access the appropriate level of care. For more info, go to

Contact information

173 Montowese St Branford, CT 06405

173 Montowese St Branford, CT 06405