Awakenings Christian Counseling

Therapist in Michigan


School: Western Michigan University

Year Graduated: 2005

License: Michigan / 6401009848

Who I Serve

Our highly trained and compassionate therapists are here to help as am I. Whether you are experiencing crisis from COVID 19 or stress from everyday events, we are here. Life can quickly take a turn leaving us in shock, feeling like our future is uncertain and out of control. Seeking help processing is the first step to healing. Whether personally struggling with a diagnosis or the family member of someone who is, I am here. Are you dealing with a pending loss or a recent death? Regardless of the situation, loss is debilitating to those close to the situation. Know that you are not judged as you walk through this process. Awakenings offers many different approaches to the counseling process and look to meet the needs of each client based on their circumstances such as; times available, insurance or cash pay and topics to discuss. We offer both telehealth and in person sessions of which you can arrange when the therapist calls you for the initial intake. We now have a staff of 9 licensed

Contact Information

8145 Valleywood Lane STE B Portage, MI 49024 Call Lisa Klein

8145 Valleywood Lane STE B Portage, MI 49024 Call Lisa Klein