Athens Counseling & Psychotherapy, LLC

Therapist in Georgia


School: University of Southern California

Year Graduated: 2015

License: Georgia / CSW006527

Who I Serve

This is Marielle, I own and operate Athens Counseling & Psychotherapy, LLC. I work with mental health and addiction (substance and behavioral) symptoms. My practice accepts and affirms all people, cultures, relationships, genders, and sexuality. If you have experienced, or currently experience trauma, emotional suffering, or psychological stress you are in the right place. This is my focus- Trauma along the developmental timeline, how it impacts our physical, psychological, and emotional self, and exploring the many ways we heal. I am particularly interested in behavioral approaches to therapy- learning to embrace your thoughts and feelings, and lived experience, so you can build the life you value. I primarily use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Other lenses: motivational, empowerment, and person-centered. My goal is to provide you with reliable evidence-based counseling. Healing is a process. The human connection and community you will find in counseling, will help you grow,

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