(Anna) Kris Bell

Therapist in Colorado


School: Naropa University

Year Graduated: 2013

License: Colorado / NLC.0109436

Who I Serve

Are you a woman dealing with an excessive amount of anxiety? Intestinal distress; vomiting; compulsive hair pulling/ eyebrow pulling/eyelash pulling are all signs of too much distress. Foggy brain and too little sleep are also products of our current national and world changes. I work with adult women who feel troubled and embarrassed by their amount of anxiety (Of course you want to be seen as someone who keeps things together!) and have trouble accepting themselves in a benevolent way. Even this land of therapy can feel restrictive and judgmental to some. We’ll use strategies to feel connected if you’re feel lonely in your quest. Our relationship is based on acceptance, respect, and trust. Our work is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy mixed with Mindfulness. Mindfulness and awareness; honoring connections between Mind, Body and Spirit. I provide individualized recorded meditations along each client's path to provide the tools for a more successful journey toward your better life. Trained in Contemplative Counseling Psychology at Naropa University, I enjoy helping individuals learn about their personal ability to monitor thoughts, reactions to thoughts, and ways that behavior and moods are related to thoughts and beliefs. Your mind and how it affects your view of life is your personal power! What you believe becomes your reality.

Contact Information

Inner Voice Mindful Choice Berthoud, CO 80513

Inner Voice Mindful Choice Berthoud, CO 80513