Anna Kelton

Therapist in Texas

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I try to foster an environment where you feel safe and protected enough to talk about past traumas, thoughts, and feelings that may have previously made you feel embarrassed or even ashamed to discuss. When past traumatic events happen they sometimes are stored in our bodies and can unknowingly be triggered in everyday situations causing anxiety, stress, depression, etc. This can stem from chronic trauma, occurring over a long period of time, or a single traumatic event. Together we can help to clear these traumas that are stuck in the body and mind. I utilize EMDR, a modality that has high success rates in healing trauma. I have over 6 years experience in healing survivors of abuse, PTSD, anxiety, and, depression. I am also trained in perinatal mood disorders. I will always meet you where you are emotionally, whether you need to take your healing process slow or you're ready to dive in. This is your journey and I am privileged to walk with you, and honor what you have been through.

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Austin, TX 78735

Austin, TX 78735