Anna DeLong

Therapist in Virginia


School: Virginia Commonwealth University

Year Graduated: 1987

License: Virginia / 0904002498

Who I Serve

It is incredibly human to experience adversity. How we respond to adversity is where our power lies and determines whether we will land well on our feet or remain stuck in unhelpful, undesirable patterns. Responding well begins with recognizing our choice points and choosing wisely. Learn how an untrained human brain can hijack your experiences and keep you stuck in habitual patterns of thinking and doing that you would most like to change or escape. Learn instead tools and strategies to help you respond from the wisest, kindest and most skilled version of yourself. Unleash the full potential of your own healing and growth! I believe inherently in the resiliency of the human spirit. I believe in our power to recover, to heal, to grow and to learn. I believe learning skills, tools and strategies can make the difference between living your life as a feather bounced around at the whim of the wind, or as an eagle who respects and works with the power of the wind to soar. Our work together will begin where you are ready to begin and will explore tools and strategies known to support restoration, grounding, and clarity. For those who are interested, I offer guided restorative and mindfulness exercises during our session. Online resources are available to support your healing and growth in between sessions.

Contact information

Mindful Options 4 Health Tele-therapy Charlottesville, VA 22903

Mindful Options 4 Health Tele-therapy Charlottesville, VA 22903