Andrew Lightfoot

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Drew Lightfoot specializes in working with individuals with depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, couples and marriage counseling, autism-spectrum disorder, and trauma/PTSD.  His approach includes a mixture of finding a meaning and purpose in life, learning ways to cope with stress and overwhelming emotions, improving social skills and communication, and changing the negative ways we think about ourselves and our world. Drew Lightfoot is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 10 years of combined education and experience in the field of Psychology and Counseling.  He’s previously worked several jobs in the field, including as a private practice therapist, addictions counselor, and Professor of Psychology and Research at La Salle and Wilmington University.  He is a published author is the area of treating childhood trauma as well as a service member in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. When he is not busy working as an educator or therapist, he enjoys spending his time traveling the world, playing video games, or taking a run around the city with his golden retriever, Roxie. (Who, oddly enough, is also a therapy dog!)

Contact information

1015 Chestnut Street Suite 403 Philadelphia, PA 19107

1015 Chestnut Street Suite 403 Philadelphia, PA 19107