Andrew Anderson

Therapist in Virginia

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Do you feel “off” and struggle to understand why? Can you see yourself trying to live up to the expectations of others while ignoring your own needs? Do you find your unexpected anger directed at the people closest to you, sometimes without any reason? Is your spiritual life disconnected from the rest of your life, creating personal conflicts? Unfortunately, these types of issues can happen to anyone, whether you are working towards adulthood or experienced with its challenges. Your real needs are important and I believe that you have the authority to get those met in healthy ways. I work alongside people who are struggling with important and/or intimate relationships, dealing with anger that hurts them more than others, trying to meet unrealistic expectations, and ignoring major aspects of who they are just to “fit”. I am an integrative counselor that follows your lead and challenges you to pursue those things you say you want. One of my greatest joys in counseling is helping

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2008 Libbie Avenue Suite 101 Richmond, VA 23226

2008 Libbie Avenue Suite 101 Richmond, VA 23226