Amy E Todd

Therapist in Therapists in Indiana

Who I Serve

I am a RN practicing as a Faith Community Nurse in a small, rural community. Most client needs focus on self-care, active listening, and therapeutic interventions for mental health and other long-term conditions such as Autism Spectrum, Sensory Processing disorders, Cancer, and Dementia to name a few. Most of the interventions offered include active listening and resource referrals. However, there are some support groups and other new community programs being offered in the parish nursing program this year. (2019) I have experience many trials, tribulations and joys myself in my lifetime allowing me to relate to my clients while at the same time recognizing that I my relate but could never walk in their path. Each of us have our own shoes to wear even if we have commonalities. Some experiences I have endured include infertility, miscarriage, family suicide & cancer.

Contact information

408 Church Street Loogootee, IN 47553

408 Church Street Loogootee, IN 47553