Amanda Fialk

Therapist in New York

Who I Serve

As a Partner and Chief of Clinical Services at The Dorm, a young adult treatment community located in New York City and Washington, D.C., I work with adolescents and young adults who are forging a new path to independence. Together with my team of clinicians and providers, we emphasize individualized treatment plans that work for our young clients and their families. At The Dorm, our therapists support a broad population of clients, including those who are coping with attachment and mood disorders, trauma, addiction, eating disorders, cognitive disorders, anxiety, depression, psychosis and executive functioning disorders. We specialize in DBT and EMDR therapy. We believe in the power of a holistic treatment approach and offer a range of evidence-based clinical therapies and partial residential treatment, as well as skill-building, academic, health and wellness support. Everything we do has a community-building emphasis because we know how much easier it is to pursue change with others at your side.

Contact information

175 West 72nd Street New York, NY 10023

175 West 72nd Street New York, NY 10023