Amanda D Polk

Therapist in South Carolina


School: Walden University

Year Graduated: 2016

License: South Carolina / 12039

Who I Serve

Are you living the life that you envisioned when you were growing up? Were you well on your way to building the future you imagined, when all of a sudden, life hit you from out of nowhere and temporarily derailed you? Do you struggle with big emotions that show up at the most unexpected times and result in continuous relational conflict? Do you find yourself struggling to function in various social settings? Do past traumatic events tend to keep you held hostage in your "safe place"? If you answered yes there is hope. On this journey, I will assist you in identifying your life worth living, introduce you to new coping skills, help you learn to properly identify, experience and regulate your emotions, teach you ways to improve your focus and gain control of those intrusive and unwanted thoughts, while reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD and more. My treatment approach recognizes the importance of first, developing a strong therapeutic relationship, and includes using

Contact Information

Columbia, SC 29201

Columbia, SC 29201