Ali Jost

Therapist in District of Columbia


School: Smith School of Social Work

Year Graduated: 2013

License: District of Columbia / LC50080887

Who I Serve

Are you overwhelmed, sad, anxious or feeling lost in your life or career? Maybe you want to heal wounds that have festered or forge a different relationship with yourself, a partner, a future partner or with a family member? Perhaps you’ve experienced a loss or the ground underneath your feet has shifted? No matter what brings you, I look forward to helping you to find your voice, reclaim your strength, and ignite your spirit. With more than 12 years of experience as a trauma therapist and life and career coach, I have helped hundreds of adults to heal, (re)align with their power, and find greater satisfaction in their lives. I believe in the power of empathic relationships to unleash human potential, and I draw from evidence-based approaches that integrate the mind and the body to promote healing. I am trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for trauma and attachment injury, and I draw from Positive Psychology and MB-CBT to catalyze behavior change and support emotional growth. Don't

Contact Information

Washington, DC 20009

Washington, DC 20009