Aldeena M McAlister

Therapist in Therapists in Texas


School: West Texas A&M University

Year Graduated: 2015

License: Texas / 77535

Who I Serve

I have found that no matter the age, there is a natural desire for human connection. As we navigate through these connections, often times our life experiences leave us with unmet expectations and painful emotions. Our human nature tells us to distance ourselves from this pain because it is uncomfortable, but this only leads to further disconnection. The result often finds us in depression, anxiety, and feelings of loss. Let me help you navigate through this stage of life and find new insight. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Amarillo, Texas. My experience includes inpatient therapy settings, grief recovery groups as well as individual sessions, and adolescent interventions. I specialize in grief and loss and I am trained in EMDR therapy. My counseling focus is interactive. In our time together, we actively work toward changing your relationship to life's painful experiences. Seeking help is a brave step toward your own healing and recovery. I will walk with you as you rediscover the ability, within yourself, to transform the quality of your life.

Contact information

7420 Golden Pond Place Suite 300 Amarillo, TX 79121

7420 Golden Pond Place Suite 300 Amarillo, TX 79121