Abbie Rolf (They Them)

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It’s lonely to feel like no one sees you or understands all of you. You put on a great mask and make everyone think you’re “okay”. You are exhausted by living a double life, not yet ready to live “out” as your authentic self. Your internalized shame, the anxiety, and the sadness of hiding gnaws away at you. You’re not alone. I see you. I proudly serve the following communities: transgender and gender diverse people; the LGBQIAP+ community; all relationship structures (including polyamory, open relationships, and swingers); and those who practice kink and BDSM. You’ve decided to make yourself a priority. You’re ready to embrace all of yourself. You’re tired of pretending. You’re over listening the inner voice of doubt. You’re prepared to put in the work to move past whatever is keeping you stuck from being the best version of yourself. I can help. It would be my honor to accompany you on this part of your journey. In my office you’ll find a safe space where you can be yourself. You can sit back, take a breath, and refocus. I want you to bring yourself, ALL of yourself to my office. Bring all of your emotional “stuff” and “baggage” and we’ll sort through it together. I offer 24/7 online scheduling at your convenience as well as a secure client portal.

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1000 Belcher Road South Suite 3 Largo, FL 33771

1000 Belcher Road South Suite 3 Largo, FL 33771