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My Core Values for your child are: 1) Voice: To assess the ways children express themselves. 2) Voice: To teach children how to express their thoughts and feelings through words. To teach children to communicate to others what they need and/or want and be understood. 3) Voice: To be a child advocate. 4) Children: Children believe in a better tomorrow, they have hope in mankind. The emotional, social, and development of young children has a direct impact on the adult they will become. Children need our love, our trust, and our belief that tomorrow can be magic. Teach - Using different modalities to explain/demonstrate feelings and how to regulate them. Build a foundation of emotional knowledge and coping skills. Counsel - provide early intervention, gather information formal and informally, observe, listen, reflect, monitor, diagnose, assess Advocate - To work in the best interest of the child. These are my goals for your child: The child has the ability to obtain, maintain, and change

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Littleton, CO 80120 Call Ms. Jessi Wheatley

Littleton, CO 80120 Call Ms. Jessi Wheatley