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Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, even the strongest women among us need a little bit of help to work through some of life’s challenges. Have you found yourself scouring the internet, reading Self-Help books, and seeking advice from friends, family and colleagues, but find that you continue to spin your wheels? I believe that you, like countless others, are searching for a trained professional counselor or coach that can help you move forward. I partner with my clients to obtain clarity and empowerment in cultivating and sustaining positive change. My goal is to provide women with the tools that sustain personal growth that reflect their core values. Our work together stimulates insight to evaluate beliefs and assumptions (those negative “shoulds” and “musts”) that stand in the way of actualizing your vision and goals. I motivate my clients to address fears and anxieties by challenging self-doubt. Feel empowered to tackle life’s dissatisfaction; manage commitments that drain your emotional and physical well-being; and build the life you envision!

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West Chester, PA 19380 Call Mrs. Regina Schwind

West Chester, PA 19380 Call Mrs. Regina Schwind