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We are a full-service counseling practice with offices conveniently located throughout the Central Florida area and online. We work with men, women, couples, and children to provide individual, couples, family and group counseling. At Redeemer Counseling, our desire is to help people pursue personal and relational wholeness by connecting them with what matters most. Founded by Rachel and Michael Blackston, we are a family-owned counseling practice that longs to see God bring hope and healing in your life and relationships.

There are many different approaches to counseling that offer quick-fix solutions. However, we believe people are created with both complexity and mystery. As a result, we look at a person’s core beliefs, past wounds, and heart issues rather than just treating surface symptoms. This is a process, and our desire is to create a safe environment where true and lasting change can occur.

While we are sensitive to everyone’s faith journey, we counsel from a distinctly Christian perspective and believe true healing occurs as we find our place in God’s unique design and purpose for our lives. We are also clinically sound, meaning we stay current in the field of secular and Christian counseling and utilize a wide array of proven therapeutic interventions to assist our clients.

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2562 Rouse Road

Group Practice Members

Elizabeth Aulds, LMHC
Madeline Allen, RMHCI
Dustin Kegeris, RMHCI